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Our goal is to provide you an exceptional vehicle shopping experience throughout your entire process — from browsing our inventory online to narrowing down your search to walking into the store. We are committed to providing a comfortable, hassle-free and no-pressure experience — on your terms!

Lifted Truck Kits

Lift your Truck or SUV for Better Results in Carrollton, TX

Are you routinely spending time off-road in your rugged truck or SUV and in need of some enhancements? Truck and SUV lifts have major advantages when it comes to these types of terrain moments spent on the move, and the team here at P.M. Standley Motorcars is happy to complete the installation process here at our dealership for you today.

What Kind of Truck and SUV Lifts Do we Manage?

Our team of technicians covers a variety of different lift work depending upon the model that you bring into our shop. Fabtech and Pro Comp are the main truck lifts that our team manages, and customers have been thrilled with the results of their rugged vehicles after these enhancements have been made. The same can be said for SUVs, with our focus being on Jeep brand model lifts through Mopar and Rubicon Express. Professional parts, diagnostics and expertise ensue that any truck or SUV lift managed in our service center will be well worth the investment.

Why Should I Consider a Lift for my Vehicle?

The list of advantages when it comes to truck and SUV lifts here in Carrollton, TX is extensive. Increased ground clearance is one of the main benefits, which is particularly useful when working off-road or heading out on an adventure over tough terrain in your SUV. Improved visibility is another factor, with a higher vantage point improving the quality of the ride as a whole and the line of sight that you can enjoy. For trucks, towing improves significantly as a result of a lift installation, making transportation of a trailer or heavy piece of equipment more secure.

Schedule a truck or SUV lift here at P.M. Standley Motorcars and reap the rewards of an enhanced vehicle that is fit for the off-roading work or fun you wish to have. Reach out to our team today to get your appointment in the books!

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Custom LED Lights

Stylish, Safe & Efficient - Upgrade & Customize Your Vehicle with LED Lights here at P.M. Standley Motorcars

Surely you have noticed when driving around the Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, Irving and Lewisville areas of Texas that the lights of some cars simply look dramatically better than others. Well, more and more vehicles these days are being equipped with advanced LED lighting, as they consistently prove to provide a wide range of appealing benefits for the driver.

Some of these benefits may just surprise you...

Here at P.M. Standley Motorcars, we'll have you know that our qualified service department can handle any and all of your custom LED lighting needs here! Our trained and experienced technicians are ready and waiting to upgrade and customize the LED lights of your beloved ride exactly to your unique liking.

Why Should I Have LED Lights?

Good question! First thing's first, they look phenomenal. LED lighting, or Light-Emitting Diode, is far brighter, crisper and more eye-catching than when compared to the traditional, duller forms of artificial lights out there. Custom LED lights are a great way to express your individual style through your car.

They are safe, too. Obviously, significantly brighter lights will also significantly increase your visibility when you jump behind the wheel to go out for a drive around town. Anything that enhances your safety and the safety of your loved ones certainly is worth doing.

And lastly, LED lights are energy-efficient and incredibly durable as well! They generate much less heat, use less energy, and are praised to last significantly longer than their incandescent lightbulb counterparts.

Ready to treat your car, SUV or pickup truck to striking LED lights here in Carrollton?

Schedule your service appointment with us today so we can customize your lights for you soon at P.M. Standley Motorcars - you'll be amazed with the results.

Custom Leather & Heated Seats

Maximize Your Driving Comfort & Interior Style with Luxurious Customized Seats here at P.M. Standley Motorcars

If you wish to make the absolute most out of every single mile that you drive throughout the great state of Texas, as you can see there are several ways in which we can help.

Have you considered upgrading your interior cabin with customized seats to suit your unique preferences and taste? Imagine every time you took a seat inside your car, you had customized, comfortable and stylish seats to sit back and relax in?

Drivers in Carrolton, Plano, Irving, Lewisville and the city of Dallas that would enjoy having luxurious custom seats should look no further than the service center here at P.M. Standley Motorcars! Our hardworking technicians can enhance your ride with seats that are personalized to your exact liking, and you'll appreciate them every time you sit inside as a result.

What Type of Custom Seats Can I Get My Hands On?

Most of our customers will opt for personalized leather seating that possesses the highest levels of quality and craftsmanship. Not only will you love how these leather seats look, you will also thoroughly love how they feel as well! When your vehicle is equipped with leather seating inside the cabin, the interior of your car will simply ooze elegant refinement and desirable automotive luxury.

In addition to leather seating, our dealership can also include heated seats with this upgrade too! Even though we are lucky enough to experience warm weather here in Texas, it is incredibly convenient and delightful to have seats that can heat up with the single push of a button whenever you want them too.

Stop By To Learn More About Leather & Heated Seats

So go ahead and book your service appointment with us if you have decided that customized seats are right for you!

Custom Sound Systems & TV Packages

Treat Your Ears & Your Car to a Premium Surround Sound System here at P.M. Standley Motorcars

Do you often find yourself playing your favorite tunes in your car as you do you daily commutes around town? Have you ever wished that your audio system has a higher level of sound quality, or that it could play songs loudly without distorting them?

Well, if you live in Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, Irving or Lewisville and you are unfortunately not happy with the sound that currently comes from your vehicle, then consider treating yourself to an upgraded premium stereo here at P.M. Standley Motorcars!

These high-tech and high-volume sound systems at our dealership are perfect for true music enthusiasts who always thoroughly enjoy a booming stereo. Every drive you take will feel like a mini-concert happening inside your interior cabin, and you can even make it feel like a movie theater too...

Desirable Audio Systems & TV Packages are Available Here

When customizing and personalizing a vehicle, most of our customers throughout the great state of Texas will choose to enhance the sound that comes from their speakers first. But in addition to this, our advanced service department can even install a TV package into the infotainment system of your automobile as well!

That's right- we can customize your car with a premium surround sound system, booming crystal-clear speakers, TVs installed into the rear headrests, and even the ability to play video games.

Whether you are interested in dramatically improving the sound of the music that plays from your audio system, or rather you're interested in setting up TVs in the back to keep the kids entertained during those long drives, or perhaps both, P.M Standley is ready and waiting to serve you!

Bring Seamless Technology to Every Drive

Please feel free to call us to inquire or ask us any questions about your electronics. Schedule your service appointment with us today if you'd like us to get to work on upgrading your vehicle.

Custom Navigation Systems

Make Every Drive Easier with an Integrated Navigation System here at P.M. Standley Motorcars

As most car-owners and drivers can agree on, there will come a time sooner or later when you may end up getting lost while traveling to your destination. Causing unwanted delays in your journey and also causing unwanted stress in your life, losing your way when you are behind the wheel and on the roads is never fun.

While getting lost when you hit the road certainly is never fun, this is in fact something that is always easily avoidable.

When your vehicle is equipped with a clever and convenient navigation system, getting lost throughout the Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, Irving, Lewisville areas and beyond will be a thing of the past and in your rearview mirror!

P.M. Standley Motorcars is your premier destination to visit if you'd like to have a custom navigation system added to your car. And that's not the only way we can enhance your confidence when you go out for a drive...

Built-In Navigation & Camera Systems for Confident Driving

Our trained and skilled technicians here are more than capable of equipping your automobile with a high-tech navigation system. In addition to this, our service center has the technology and the capability to upgrade your car's system to even include cameras that provide full 360-degree visibility!

No longer will you ever have to wonder or worry about what is surrounding your vehicle when you back up, as a clear bird's eye view from above will be displayed directly in front of you. Your safety, convenience, and driving ease will all be dramatically improved if you have a navigation system as well as a camera system at your disposal on-the-go.

Never get lost in Texas again and always enjoy true peace-of-mind when driving. P.M. Standley Motorcars is ready to add customized navigation and camera systems to your ride, so book your appointment with us today!

Security Systems

Protect your Automotive Investment in Carrollton, TX with Professional Security Installation Services

Car theft, while unfortunate, is a relevant issue that drivers around Carrollton and the greater Dallas, TX area need to remain mindful of. To protect your purchase and solidify peace of mind, our team at P.M. Standley Motorcars recommends installing a car security system. Our factory-trained service technicians are happy to make recommendations on your behalf and handle the installation process inside our service center serving Plano for optimal convenience.

Trusted Security System Brands We Recommend

When it comes to choosing a security system for our certified mechanics to install, we recommend considering the most trusted and highly valued brands that many customers turn to. From SAFETYTON to CarLock Advanced and Directed Electronics, you can look forward to the installation of intuitive alert systems that deter car theft and keep you confident after climbing out. Two other popular brands include Avital and Viper.

Work with our team firsthand to assess your current security needs, the specific fit with your vehicle, and the best potential value available. From here, we can move ahead with the security installation service near Irving, equipping your vehicle for lasting reassurance.

The Convenience and Confidence of Security System Installation Service in Carrollton

Shoppers from nearby Lewisville will appreciate the lengths our factory-trained service technicians go to properly install and test your car’s security system order. In convenient fashion, we can configure this emergency alert interface, saving you considerable time and effort trying to effectively assemble it yourself.

Ready to schedule your car’s security system installation and address other routine maintenance needs simultaneously? Make an appointment online and feel free to connect with our team today regarding the pressing questions you come up with.

Remote Start Systems

Manage Remote Starter Installation Service at P.M. Standley Motorcars

Recently order a remote starter for prepping your car with cool airflow on humid Carrollton and Dallas, TX days? A simple review of the complex electric wiring this installation requires will leave you convinced that the job is best left in service expert’s hands. And you will appreciate the convenience in scheduling and precision in quality that our factory-trained service technicians here at P.M. Standley Motorcars operate with for remote starter installations near Plano.

Seamless Configuration for Top Remote Starter Brands

Choose a remote start order from some of the top industry brands – including Directed Electronics Inc., Compustar Pro, Viper and Avital – and upgrade comfort before your trip around Irving commences thanks to professional installation services. Our certified mechanics feature years of valuable experience working with electric circuitry across a range of different makes and models, ensuring that your remote starter service installation is manufacturer-approved and completed properly the first time. This complex installation process is best left to professionals, as our service experts can effectively install your remote start in a timely manner to get you back out on the road, ready to enjoy this cabin convenience upgrade.

Reasons to Consider a Remote Starter Installation

As the temperature climbs in Lewisville throughout the year, you may find yourself exposed to a steamy interior cabin and a generally uncomfortable start to your journey. But with some of the top available remote starter brands, cabin settings are ready to activate from inside your air-conditioned home, getting the interior cool and ready for travel without ever needing to step outside. And with our service experts ready to handle configuration, the installation process proves convenient and altogether rewarding.

Visit our Carrolton service center today after scheduling remote starter installation and equip your vehicle for an optimal response to humid Texas weather. Contact us with questions today!

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