Get the Answers to Your Auto Service Questions Here at P.M. Standley Motorcars

Questions about your vehicle service and repair are common when bringing your car into our service shop. At P.M Standley we have the answers and quality service to keep your vehicle running at its full functionality so that you can experience a reliable and long lasting vehicle for years to come. Below are a few typical questions drivers may have concerning the well-being of their vehicle and our expert advice for maintaining your means of reliable transportation. If we didn't answer your question, fill out the simple form at the bottom of the page and a knowledgeable member of our service team will get back to you soon!

When to service auto transmission?
Depending on your vehicle mileage and how often you drive your car, it is recommended that the transmission fluid in your vehicle be changed every 30,000 to 60,000 miles for both automatic and manual transmissions. If you use your vehicle often and put it under a constant amount of work stress throughout the year, some manufacturers suggest changing your transmission fluid every 15,000 miles.

What are the Service Center hours?
Our Service Center is open from 9AM-6PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM-5PM on Saturday for your convenience. We are closed on Sunday.

How often should you check or replace car brakes?
Depending on your driving environment, if you're involved in everyday stop and go traffic or braking down steep hills on the regular, your brake pads may need to be replaced around every 25,000 miles or so, but if you are a light driver and you drive on normal and flat terrains, brake replacements should not exceed 50,000-70,000 miles past the last replacement.

When do you repair your car's suspension?
If you feel that your vehicle isn't riding as smooth as it once did, you may need to repair the suspension. A Suspension system that is starting to wither will show signs of drifting or jerking when turning, the front end will dive or dip more often when stopping, and if you see oil or grease coming from the struts or shocks of your vehicle then you need to have them replaced.

What does routine car maintenance include?
When you bring your vehicle in for service at the P.M Standley Dealership, you can expect a rapid and affordable oil change with new oil filter, oil pressure test, and a refill of fresh air for your tires.

When should you do car maintenance?
Drivers should get an oil change every three months or 3,000 miles unless your owner's manual tells you otherwise. You can check your oil monthly and if it is dark, clumpy, or dirty, you know it's time to change it.

How often should I get my tires aligned/replaced/rotated?
This all depends on how often you drive your vehicle. Basically, for the average commuter, you want to get a wheel alignment once every year or when you receive new tires, so they do not wear unevenly over time. If you notice any cracking or balding on the edges or center of your tires where the tread is thinning, you should replace the tires sooner than later. This will prevent a blowout or a consistent flat during your daily commute. When you have brand new tires on and you want to receive the best value and longevity, rotating your tires every six month or every 6,000 to 8,000 miles is suggested for a long lasting tread.

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